Don't Risk Slipping on Your Icy Driveway

Count on us for snow removal services in Lakewood, NJ

During the winter months, there's no reason to spend hours outside in the freezing cold to dig your way out of snowbanks.

Instead, you can stay cozy inside while the snow and ice management team at Ibanez Sunshine Landscaping LLC clears your driveway. You can rest easy knowing that we'll keep your property safe and easily accessible.

Call now to schedule snow removal services in Lakewood, NJ or the surrounding areas.

Did you forget to salt your sidewalk?

This winter, you don't need to shop for salt crystals and deicers. Ibanez Sunshine Landscaping can clear the snow and ice from your driveway and sidewalk. And don't worry about having the proper shovel for the job. Our snow removal crew will come prepared with the right equipment, like:

  • Snow plows
  • Salt spreaders
  • Snow and ice melt pellets
  • Shovels
  • Snow blowers

Contact us now to enroll in our ice management program in the Lakewood, NJ area.